Mango M2MHere is a little demo of about integrating an embedded SNMP agent with Mango M2M for data monitoring. Manago M2M is an open source SCADA which is very easy to use. I am using a board design based on PIC18F97J60 Ethernet microcontroller.

This demo assumes that you have some previous knowledge of Microchip TCP/IP stack and alarm monitoring in general.

  • The first step is to install Mango M2M on your system using these instructions on Mango website. This installation is pretty straight forward but if you still need help, just contact me.
  • Second is to install the latest Microchip TCPIP stack. I am using version 5.1 for this demo.
  • Run the “TCPIP Config” utility and make sure that SNMP agent is enabled in your code.
Mango M2M - Setting up SNMP Agent
  • Download the firmware in your embedded board like PICDEM.NET2. I am using a varient of PICDEM.NET2 with enhanced memory.
  • Download and install iReasoning MIB browser to brows the MIB file. The iReasoning is a free and very good tool for testing SNMP agents.
  • Load MIB file “mchip.mib” provided with the TCP/IP stack from File-> Load MIBs in iReasoning MIB browser.
  • Write the correct IP address of the SNMP agent and click “Go”.
Mango M2M - Browsing the MIB Table
  • Right click the first row which appears below and then left click on “Walk”. You will see all MIB table with their current value. Click the variable which you want to examin, the OID text field will show the corresponding OID value of it.
  • Now login to your Mango M2M installation and click on “Data Sources” icon (See the image below).
  • From the drop down menu select SNMP, click “Add” icon and you will be displayed with data source properties window.
Mango M2M - Selecting Data Source
  • Type “Embedded SNMP Agent” in the Name field (or whatever you like). Type the Host IP. This is the IP of your Microchip board. Select SNMP version 2c. By default “Community” field is empty, write “public” in this field. I have changed the time to 2 sec for quick response. Click save.
  • We have added the data source, now we need to add the Data points.
Mango M2M - Selecting Data Points
  • Click “Add Point” icon, a point properties dialog will open. In the name files write the name of point like “Temperature sensors” etc. and fill the OID field with appropriate OID. Add other point as you like. Keep the Data type “numeric”. Click Save.
Mango M2M - Configuring Data Points
  • Now click the Watch icon on the left most of your screen. You will see a list of points on left. Click the small arrows in front of each point to add them into the watch list and see the values against each added point.
Mango M2M - View live data
There are other ways to monitor alarms. Infact, Mango M2M supports a long list of industrial and network protocols which can be used to integrate alarms.