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Diptrace Lib 2014-04-29

Again updated the previous library. This is compatible with current release of Diptrace (ver. 2.3.1). The components are usually not available in standard Diptrace Library.


Download Files:


Diptrace Lib 2012-02-02

This is my current updated Diptrace library compatible with Diptrace Version (currently). There are lots of new parts and pattern added into it. Some components and footprints are redesigned. These components and patterns are mostly not found in Diptrace standard libraries.

Download Files:

If you do not see file list above then please use this link to download.



OrCAD Library

OrCAD is an old tool used by many. Very difficult to handle as compared to Diptrace so a CAD library can ease up the job.

Download Files:

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Diptrace Library

Many useful components and footprints actually used in  my designs. Feel free to save your time and get the project early.

Download Files:

If you do not see file list above then please use this link to download.


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